Curtain and Soft Furnishing Cleaning

On Parade - Cleaners of Excellence

We believe successful cleaning needs personal attention – our aim is to provide it!

We treat our customers as individuals and we treat their clothes with as much care and personal attention as possible.

We successfully undertake cleaning of all exclusive clothes and we are able to assess and advise on dry-cleaning of difficult items regardless of what cleaning labels state. This is due to many years of experience. We regularly undertake staff training to enable our staff to have up to date knowledge and we aim to prevent problems as much as possible by our standards, our communication and our promise of service.

Most of the time we achieve this, when we do not, however, we make appropriate decisions to make amends.

We are not the least expensive drycleaners, but our price structure reflects the labour we need, and the best equipment and chemicals to deliver a first class product. If you require a cheap and cheerful product of an average standard On Parade is not the place to come. If you are unhappy with anything then please mention it to us.

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Our Services

  • Wedding Dress and Ball Gown Cleaning

  • Dry Cleaning Services

  • Curtain and Soft Furnishing Cleaning

  • Tailoring

  • Collection Service