About On Parade

On Parade was established in August 1984 by Gary and Denise Le Fevre. Having worked and trained in dry cleaning to management level for 10 years, they decided to create their own company – On Parade was founded.

Dry Cleaning had always had “bad publicity” due to the image the existing businesses portrayed and the horror stories that a lot of people could recall. Gary and Denise wanted to bring dry cleaning into a safer, more respected place.

Their key statement is as follows: –
“We treat our customers as individuals and we treat their clothes with as much care and attention as possible.
We believe that successful cleaning needs personal attention and our aim is to provide it!”

Over the past years they have built on this statement and are particularly renown for their excellent standard and service. They have built a wealth of knowledge that enables them to successfully clean and finish difficult, delicate, embellished items that a lot of other cleaners are unwilling to undertake. This brings custom from the local area and all over the country.