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Collection Service

C.A.D.S (Collection and Delivery Service)

We will collect and deliver your dry cleaning from your home or business.

This service is available for a minimum of 5 items.

All you need to do is call 0121 705 9076 and give us your details.

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C. Collection Service


Garment repairs and alterations

On parade have a tailoring/alteration department onsite. This service operates Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.30am – 1.30pm. An express service can be available.
Our onsite tailoresses offer a fitting service. This ranges from a simple shortening of a garment, to reducing a garment by a full size. Both our tailoress’s are very experienced and can offer a complex alteration service.

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C. Tailoring

Curtain and Soft Furnishing Cleaning

If you are considering having your curtains cleaned, why not give us a call and we will give you a quote for taking down the curtains, dry cleaning them, delivering back to you and re-hanging them. All curtain hooks are washed and wherever possible, broken hooks are replaced. Replacement curtain rails and hooks can be arranged if required. This service is personally carried out by Mr Le Fevre who has a great deal of experience in this department. We can arrange a date convenient to yourselves to carry out this service.
Just call 0121 705 9076 and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

We can also offer a Curtain Cleaning Service for businesses involved in window replacement, building work and decoration. If you are interested, please call us for details or email us through our contact form.

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C. Curtains & Soft Furnishing

Dry Cleaning Services

On Parade offer the following services:

  • Dry cleaning and wet cleaning to exceptional standards (Wedding dresses and ball gowns are a speciality)
  • Tailoring repair and alterations – including a fitting service
  • Same day Duvet Laundering Service
  • Laundering service for shirts, bedding, towels
  • Curtain and soft furnishing cleaning (which includes a take down & re-hang fitting service)
  • C.A.D.S (Collection and Delivery Service)
  • Carpet Cleaning hire
  • Cleaning and Finishing Service for Bridal businesses (call us if you wish to be an agent)
  • We also sell garment care & storage items to help maintain the condition of your clothes
  • Agents near you (click here to view our sites)

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C. Dry Cleaning Services

Wedding Dress and Ball Gown Cleaning

Why choose us?

We are recommended by leading designers and bridal shops throughout the Midlands. We have an excellent reputation for cleaning wedding dresses, ball gowns, theatre and dance wear or anything requiring special attention.

We successfully undertake the cleaning of gowns even labelled ‘do not dry clean’ or ‘baptiste process’. We have the expertise to know the best process for your gown by examining the fabrics, the decorative trim and the degree of soiling, so each process can be individual to each gown achieving maximum results.

The gowns are personally supervised and our staff are trained to inspect every detail throughout the entire process.

The original cost of your dress has no bearing upon the care that is given, whether five hundred or fifty thousand we completely understand the sentiment attached to your wedding dress. The care taken is unrivalled.

Collection and delivery can be arranged.

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C. Wedding Dress & Ball Gown

On Parade – Cleaners of Excellence

On Parade – Cleaners of Excellence

We believe successful cleaning needs personal attention – our aim is to provide it!

We treat our customers as individuals and we treat their clothes with as much care and personal attention as possible.

We successfully undertake cleaning of all exclusive clothes and we are able to assess and advise on dry-cleaning of difficult items regardless of what cleaning labels state. This is due to many years of experience. We regularly undertake staff training to enable our staff to have up to date knowledge and we aim to prevent problems as much as possible by our standards, our communication and our promise of service.

Most of the time we achieve this, when we do not, however, we make appropriate decisions to make amends.

We are not the least expensive drycleaners, but our price structure reflects the labour we need, and the best equipment and chemicals to deliver a first class product. If you require a cheap and cheerful product of an average standard On Parade is not the place to come. If you are unhappy with anything then please mention it to us.

Please browse our site to see the services we can offer.

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