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Wedding Dress and Ball Gown Cleaning

Why choose us?

We are recommended by leading designers and bridal shops throughout the Midlands. We have an excellent reputation for cleaning wedding dresses, ball gowns, theatre and dance wear or anything requiring special attention.

We successfully undertake the cleaning of gowns even labelled ‘do not dry clean’ or ‘baptiste process’. We have the expertise to know the best process for your gown by examining the fabrics, the decorative trim and the degree of soiling, so each process can be individual to each gown achieving maximum results.

The gowns are personally supervised and our staff are trained to inspect every detail throughout the entire process.

The original cost of your dress has no bearing upon the care that is given, whether five hundred or fifty thousand we completely understand the sentiment attached to your wedding dress. The care taken is unrivalled.

Collection and delivery can be arranged.

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